Subtle Games on game freeze/ warehouse problems (bug) Creator 13/05/2019 09:19
Can you please attach the save files where the problem is happening ?
aggelon on Better food management (brick) 20/04/2019 09:01
At this time, if you have fresh berries gathered and cooked frogs in stock, villagers eat cooked frogs first, while fresh berries should deteriorates whereas cooked frogs should be preservated longer...

Like in the real autonomous way of life, it should be great to manage the expiry and the preservation of food, for example fresh berries should be eaten first, whereas cooked frogs can be eaten later.

In this way, the player should ask to shipwreckeds to gather and to eat berries while fresh, then - when the harvest time is finished - go fishing; else gathered fresh berries will deterioate and be lost/wasted

As described in this brick, it maybe requisites SoR to (auto-)manage the order defined for food consumption

This management can open the way for new task/resource, like to gather salt on pebbles in order to preservation food; or gather branches in order to smoke it, etc...
Subtle Games on Better food management (brick) Creator 21/04/2019 15:07
Interesting insight, thanks! We'll think about that
crash/bug 12/04/2019 11:59
I tried 2 different Islands 1 was merciless impossible to fish I managed 6 fish and no fireplace I had a furnace instead weird and no way of making an axe either, so I tried the 2nd Island I had all the tools & could only find 4 fish and had to frogs crabs shellfish even the floating ones,the waterfall was 2 small, constant bugs,.
Subtle Games Creator 21/04/2019 15:06
Merciless maps have huge RNG but there should be enough materials to do everything. If you find unplayable maps please provide the seed number so we can reproduce it. Thanks!
I'll work on the waterfall very soon cause it happens on small islands too.
crash/bug 11/04/2019 14:32
are you going to add hemp for weaving because it makes ropes stronger and I noticed on the not custom islands they are too small for all those work shops perhaps the metal ones should be combined & the stone with the brick.
Subtle Games Creator 21/04/2019 15:01
We could add hemp yes, though it's not a priority right now, we'll consider it when main features are done. About the lack of space on the island, we could simply increase it so you have enough space to build everything. Or maybe by allowing to place soil in water, players will be able to increase the size enough
Sandoval on Cannot add soil on tile with water (bug) 06/04/2019 11:13
La distance autorisé de positionnement d'une nouvelle parcelle de terre dans l'eau est inférieur a la hauteur d'une tuile... resultat : quand on fait un trou qui révèle de l'eau, il est parfois impossible de le remplir à nouveau ( c'est très désagréable de se retrouver avec une flaque au milieu de son village) au passage , il serait aussi vraiment intéressant de pouvoir remplir avec des dalles de granit ( peut-être un nouveau craft pour la taille de pierre )
Merci pour le feedback ! Effectivement j'avais pas pensé aux flaques au milieu du village.
Sandoval 03/04/2019 11:46
I saw that you had abandoned the idea of putting the villagers on the map ... They could just wait near their homes or on the nearest beach if they did not have one. They would only be representative of life on the island.
J'ai vue que vous aviez abandonné l'idée de mettre les villageois sur la carte... Ils pourraient juste attendre près de leur maison ou sur la plage la plus proche s'il n'en ont pas. Il ne seraient là juste pour être représentatif de la vie sur l'ile.
Subtle Games Creator 21/04/2019 14:55
We'll reconsider it when the main features are finished, I agree it would be best to see them on the map, even if they don't react to your actions.
Cant interact with stuff behind big building 14/03/2019 14:57
If the object too small, i cant click/interact the object behind big building. Probably need some overlay color outline which one we click or select like many other game when many object overlapping. i cant click the small tree behind big trees. Wasting villager energy, i dont know its intended or not since we cant rotate maps or camera view. Its frustating
Subtle Games Creator 21/04/2019 14:53
If you press left ctrl while hovering mouse on the map, you can see behind objets (need to put this in the tutorial). Also a bug has been reported with unselectable items, we're working on it.
I can build a quarry alright but it won't mine very much and I was wondering when do I get the cotton &hemp seeds, also another thing putting another crop in say chick peas you can make flour, it's a good source of protein also grinding the nuts and maybe rice too just my thoughts still love the game thanks
Subtle Games on Crash when entering on Winter (bug) Creator 21/04/2019 14:51
Sorry we forgot to answer your comment. Quarry should be fixed now, cotton & hemp have been removed, and thanks for the ideas !!
Looks great! Thank you! :D
crash/bug 12/04/2019 12:37
wild root vegetables to shoot up in spring because trying to harpoon a small amount of non spawning little fish can be hard, I did buy this game earlier and it's great that you are fixing the bugs as you go but the order the fireplace ,tools, storehouse & harpoon are jumbled up in whatever the selection of Islands you want to do it should be equal ,I have a saved game at the moment but I can't do the bread or pizza recipes at all another bug I guess.
Sandoval on Not enough small fishes (bug) 06/04/2019 10:45
And never respawn
Also the game didn't apply the wintery layers on top of other things.
Subtle Games Creator 14/01/2019 15:47
OK I'm adding a brick with this feature!
I actually _do_ use the quick-save function; it's quite useful. I've only tried using quick-load a couple of times (due to it not working), and I'm not sure how often I would use it if it worked.
Just removed those two keys, I think those features are not useful in this game. I'll implement them properly if players ask for it in the future.
Fixed with new UI (wheel WITHOUT CTRL is now used to zoom, wheel WITH CTRL is now used to change selected villager)