Charlesinamy 14/10/2020 10:42

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Kristakeymn 30/03/2020 03:18
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AllenVip 29/03/2020 08:26
Hello everybody.
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Present bonuses, a call to an aircraft that randomly bombes the enemy’s fields and can hurt yours. Interesting toy.

Thank you in advance
You can reply to the mail[url=]:[/url] judbayneoranderson@gmail[url=].[/url]com
Wuzzy 22/01/2020 21:22
I see in your About section “freedom” is one of your core values. Cool. I came here to challenge your notion of freedom and being an ethical organization.

Personally, I consider all proprietary software to be unethical because it gives its owners unjust power over their users by the power of Copyright Law and secrets. Do you agree? Maybe you do, at least that's what your About section suggest.

Looking at this website, I quickly noticed various problems:

1) JavaScript trap: I notice this website makes extensive use of 3rd-party JavaScript, most or all of which is also proprietary software which you automatically distribute to your users. That alone makes me consider the website also proprietary.
If freedom is truly your goal, you should be concerned about the JavaScript trap <>. 3rd party JavaScript also has another ethical problem in that you are, willingly or not, supporting the ever-growing surveillance capitalism because the 3rd parties will be able to easily track the users of your own website. If freedom is not your goal and surveillance is not a problem for you, it is still in your own interest to avoid 3rd-party JavaScript like the plague because once the 3rd-party breaks down, so will your website. It's an unneccary dependency that can be easily avoided: Just self-host all JavaScript.

2) Proprietary media? I see this project has the media license set to “proprietary”. Is this intentional? Frankly, I doubt that you could even claim copyright on the media, since it's basically only simple shapes. You can't copyright rectangles. ;-) Or have I overlooked something? In most countries simple shapes would be considered Public Domain, no matter what license you try to slap on it. But IANAL. I'm just some random stranger who has read far more about copyright law than is healthy. ;-)

3) Proprietary projects: I see your website hosts various projects with proprietary licenses. I *think* I understand the rationale behind this; you want to give full freedom to *the project owners*, and that derives from your sense of freedom. However, there's a small logical problem with this: If the project owners are free to claim full copyright over their projects, it also means that the users will automatically *lack freedom*. See, that's the thing about freedom: Freedom is always the freedom of other people. You can't have it both ways. You can't call yourself pro-freedom while supporting proprietary software projects.

4) Quote from “Our Values”: “our only rule is that you respect the law and others.”. Obeying the law is the opposite of freedom. ;-) SCNR

5) Lack of discussion of unethical business practices: I notice the lack of any discussion of unethical business practices on your website. This is a glaring omission because in the last few years, large video games companies have done some really nasty things with lootboxes, gambling, free-to-pay scams, online-only restrictions, psychological manipulations to empty your wallet, crazy ideas such as streaming games (=Google Stadia), and so on. Yet you did not distance yourselves from such practices. Do you know the Jimquisition? This guy Jim Sterling regularily tears the so-called video games industry a new one. It's great! :)

6) Unclear/weird company values:
6a) “a fair repartition of the benefits between the employees after strengthening the company’s capital”: Who defines what's fair?
6b) “the establishment of a 1 employee = 1 vote principle for every major decision, including managers and directors”: Who defines what's a “major decision”? Is there anyone who is able to overrule the vote of the people? If yes, who is it?
6c) “a horizontal hierarchy so that everyone can express themselves”: This statement is contradictory with “1 employee = 1 vote”. If there is a hierarchy (even a “horizontal” one), it means some people have more power than ohers. So what is it now?
6d) “respect for everyone, regardless of gender, religion, social origins or political belief.”. What about neo-nazis?
6e) “support for associations advocating inclusiveness, such as Women In Games France”. The goal of Women in Games France is to double the number of women and “nonbinary” people in the video games sector in 10 years. This is a completely nonsensical goal. What if not that many women are actually interested? I'm all for equal rights, so any artificial barriers that women face should be removed. But that's not what their goal says. Their main goal has nothing to do with freedom.
vv221 19/02/2020 14:35
The third-party scripts bothered me too, so I sent a patch to RedBricks team:
That’s the kind of thing you can do with Free Software ;)
OtterWays Creator 27/03/2020 17:43
Hello Wuzzy, thank you for your feedback. I will do my best to give you a complete answer.

We agree that the concept of proprietary software is unfair. However, we also believe that we can change the mind of people who doesn’t know about free-software, by showing the benefits of freedom :). That’s why we allow proprietary games on RedBricks.

1) Given our limited time and resources, we have reduced the JS in RedBricks as much as possible.
The JS is currently used as graphic improvement only, RedBricks is still usable with the JS blocked.
We are not experts, but we really want to get rid of the JS too. You are welcome to help us if you want :)

2) It was an early measure to protect our personal pictures. We are not lawyers too, but we will check this, thanks.

3) Same answer: by allowing proprietary projects on RedBricks, we hope that we can change people’s minds ;)

4) Quote from you:
"See, that's the thing about freedom: Freedom is always the freedom of other people. "
And that’s why laws exist, no? :)

5) Don’t forget that we’re just a very little team with little resources, and not full-time on this project^^ We agree to distance ourselves and of course we don’t want to be likened to those companies and practices, we just don’t have the time to develop this point.
We created Ethical Games, a French association to help the cause, tho.

6a) The Law of the French Cooperative companies (that’s what we tend to be)

6b) -Again, cooperative companies Law and common sense.
-Nobody can overrule a decision. If the votes are even, the manager (employee elected by the employees) can chose between the 2 options.

6c) No, the horizontal hierarchy is not contradictory with “1 employee = 1 vote”. We don’t want a traditional vertical hierarchy, that’s all.

6d) Seriously?

6e) Centuries of patriarchy have a huge impact of society, and it’s probably why not that many women are interested, no?
Double the number of women and NB people in the sector is, as you said, a goal. They want to reach this goal by removing the artificial barriers, like you :)
mdtrooper 10/02/2020 18:03
Where is the repository (octocat icon)?
vv221 19/02/2020 14:34
You can find RedBricks repository on
mdtrooper 21/02/2020 00:00
Lugrim on Ressources (brick) 09/12/2019 13:42
Très bonne idée ! pour alléger votre charge de travail et élargir le champs des compétences, cette partie ne pourrait-elle pas prendre une forme communautaire ? (un peu comme le Site du Zéro à l'époque, qui proposait du contenu de très bonne qualité, proposé par les membres)
vv221 on Delete cdn (brick) 20/07/2019 23:35
Coucou !
Je suis développeur Web PHP, et c’est le genre d’amélioration qui est totalement dans mon champ de compétences.
Si le code de Red Bricks est accessible publiquement, je peux vous proposer un patch relativement rapidement. Sauf grosse surprise, c’est le genre de chose qui devrait me prendre une après-midi sur un week-end.

Bref, si ça vous intéresse, n’hésitez pas à me faire signe ;)
OtterWays on Delete cdn (brick) Creator 26/07/2019 16:38
Merci pour votre proposition ! Le code est accessible librement sur gitlab : Je n'ai malheureusement pas encore eu le temps de faire le script de reconstitution de la BDD. Si nécessaire, envoyez nous un mail (contact at et je vous enverrai la structure de la BDD.
vv221 on Delete cdn (brick) 21/07/2019 18:27
Oups, j’ai oublié de le préciser, mais c’est bien entendu une proposition de contribution bénévole.
I made changes. Does the problem still exist?
Yes still had the problem "Error 404" !
There is already software available for this, the ones I heard about lately are weblate and pootle.
LeBanc 27/03/2019 18:56
J'ai eu une erreur lors de l'envoi d'un commentaire, je la poste ici car je n'ai pas créé de compte et que je ne peux donc pas faire un nouveau rapport de bug:
Fatal error: Uncaught Framework\Exception\CsrfInvalidException in /home/otterwayta/www/redbricks-prod/src/Framework/Middleware/CsrfMiddleware.php:79 Stack trace: #0 /home/otterwayta/www/redbricks-prod/src/Framework/Middleware/CsrfMiddleware.php(59): Framework\Middleware\CsrfMiddleware->reject() #1 /home/otterwayta/www/redbricks-prod/src/Framework/Middleware/CombinedMiddlewareDelegate.php(51): Framework\Middleware\CsrfMiddleware->process(Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\ServerRequest), Object(Framework\Middleware\CombinedMiddlewareDelegate)) #2 /home/otterwayta/www/redbricks-prod/src/Framework/Middleware/RendererRequestMiddleware.php(32): Framework\Middleware\CombinedMiddlewareDelegate->process(Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\ServerRequest)) #3 /home/otterwayta/www/redbricks-prod/src/Framework/Middleware/CombinedMiddlewareDelegate.php(51): Framework\Middleware\RendererRequestMiddleware->process(Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\ServerRequest), Object(Framework\Middleware\CombinedMiddlewareDelegate)) #4 /home/otterwayta/www/redbricks-prod/src/Framework/ in /home/otterwayta/www/redbricks-prod/src/Framework/Middleware/CsrfMiddleware.php on line 79

Il est possible que ce soit à cause d'un caractère spécial dans le pseudo mais je ne suis plus certain d'y avoir laisser le "/" au moment de cliquer sur "Send" donc c'est peut-être une fausse piste.
Par contre ce qui est dommage c'est que ça m'a fait perdre le texte du commentaire !
OtterWays on Stay logged in (brick) Creator 17/01/2019 09:03
Yes, this is possible with a cookie. We don't want use it but we can make an exception to stay logged in.