An Stasis Field! I found this idea and even it is still not hard scifi, I think it is not so cliché than an Energy Shield. What do you think?
Why not! It is a great idea. :)
Maybe should it be an emergency hologram. Your ship that just crashed was actually a bait; your actual ship was concealed right next to it.
Hello Selene!
thanks for your answer! that would be pretty cool!
the only issue that is that the hologram (like the inivisible cloak proposed by Paulski), didn't match the requirement "protects you from ANY damage during a certain time". Those solutions would avoid the "enemies" attack you, but they won't avoid damage by environment (like a big fall, or an asteroid hitting you, or lava burning you).
Any idea? :)
Still thinking about that, no answer yet...
How about an invisibility cloak? Or a temporary bullet time?
The problem is how do you make sure the item (cloak or shield or whatever) is only used as a last resort?
hi Paulski,
great answers!
Concerning the "last chance" intentionality, it will be reached thanks to the requirement "has a limited use". If this item has, for exemple, a limited number of usages or a very long recharge time, we can make the player use it only when extremely necessary.
Here are some ideas:

- Sea shell/ sand/ volcanic ash
- Polaroid pictures
- Melted piece of glacier (actual popular souvenir from Iceland!)